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hello everyone how are you I have already and this is Abdul I am a student and doing graduation in Asian University of Bangladesh and not only that but also I am a policeman as a police constable of Bangladesh police my fasting I want to become a police officer about this place and I live in and Hakka city in Bangladesh and Bangladesh situated in South Asia and that's all from myself

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Bengali : Native
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Asian University of Bangladesh
Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Political science
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Bachelor of Arts - BA
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  • What are the resolutions you are planning for 2019?
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    hey really here that's interesting question from me I think that have this will be my god near of my life because this year I am going to complete my graduation and then I will enter to appoint as sub inspector Horses and I want to become a police officer that's why is twice as well as a Police Officer then I will think that this is the corner of my life not only that he is also helpful for me that I am going to complete my graduation and this year also we lock for means so many so many effective programs also that some
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  • Will India be able to win down under and clinch the series at Sydney?
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    actually I think that Australian complete cricketer are more equal than Indian cricketer that's why I think that three Australia will be win this match and the Sydney Stadium for walls that domestic a stadium of Australia is also beneficial for Australian cricketer that's why I give that I predict that Australia will be UN
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