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Hello everyone, welcome here, this is Shuakshay from Somalia. I'm here to improve my speaking skills. Someday, I want to talk English smoothly and comfortably like natives do. Fortunately, I've been using this app for couple of months and I think I'm getting better. Also, I'm more confident than earlier. Well, then I'm strongly suggesting that you make daily practice. Actually, my appetite for speaking English is so voracious. So let me tell you something. “It doesn't matter who you are or what you believe or what you look like, it doesn't matter whether you're black or white, male or female, native or nonative.” But it matters to speak English without hesitation and don't care about making mistakes. And finally if you're listening to me, I will be over the cloud with happiness and most importantly I will be chuffed if you feel free to communicate with me. Thank you all. Thank you.

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