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Hey, what's up ! My name's Ajay. Would you help me improving my communication skills ? I am here for improving my communication skills because I am an introverted guy and it's super difficult for me to have social interactions. I tend to have shorter conversation. I can't handle longer conversations. And that's why I am here on open Talk, practicing for having you know, longer conversations. So let's just practice English let's just learn together ! Thank you.

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English : Conversational
Hindi : Native

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English Learner
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Fitness, Games, Sports, taekwondo, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Education & Learning, Technology
Music lovers
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Sports, Games, 音楽
Motivational speakers
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Outdoors & Adventure, Health & Wellbeing, Language & Ethnic Identity, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, 食べ物飲み物, Education & Learning, Community & Environment, アート&カルチャー, Technology, Games, 音楽, Sports, taekwondo
French Learners
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Technology, アート&カルチャー, Community & Environment, Education & Learning, 食べ物飲み物, Games, Health & Wellbeing, Language & Ethnic Identity, 音楽, Outdoors & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Sports, taekwondo
Owl City Fans
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Games, 音楽, Sports
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My Opinions

  • Which is your favourite online TV channel - Amazon, Youtube, Netflix or any other?
    Listen opinion2 months ago
    Ayush dua for studying I use I use you do for you know, studying Mathematics Physics in all the subjects that I need to learn and even if I have any university in any subject then I use YouTube and that's why YouTube is more important for me some channels that they are doing very quit for project for spelling education and also for entertainment wakit.
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  • If you are looking to improve communication skills in English or any other language, why are you looking to improve?
    Listen opinion2 months ago
    Most of the internet is in English. So I usually do that for, you know quality education and its most of them are all in English, so it has me a lot. And also on my favorite, you know, I didn't even things like movies video games songs. They all are in English. So it's like new English is like opening more opportunities for me the gates of opportunities so I can you know, it's like I have more choices. I have more options so I can get his me but infamy and that's why I want to improve it.
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  • Which party will form the govt. in 2019?
    Listen opinion3 months ago
    I think BJP is gonna WIN, because we don't have any better choices so it's gonna be Narendra Modi again, I think.
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  • India is now a Space super power! Is it good or bad?
    Listen opinion3 months ago
    I'm so glad to hear the success of Mississippi. Now. He doesn't have to be you know dependent on other nations for these kind of missions. And I love that how India is our country is becoming dependent on you? No space missions. I love how how Israel is growing. So I just believe in you know self dependency. So that's why that's why didn't you guys doing right now? And I love it.
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  • Share your main reason for using Opentalk. We will work on making it better.
    Listen opinion3 months ago
    I use a open dog for improving and learning my English communication. Also, I like to talk with people from all around the world making new friends and know about their culture sharing knowledge has that we have already helping each other out if you can that's why I love open talk and I love using it.
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  • Please share the technology product you love the most.
    Listen opinion5 months ago
    PCS my favorite because I can upgrade it downgraded or I can change any hardware and especially you know, what graphics card I am into a PC gaming. So I love crazy and there are a lot of things that I can do it. I can do it BC I can I could do my study I could access internet I could play high end games. So I love pussy.
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  • Has Opentalk made a difference in your life?
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    When I used this app for the first time I was so I was so excited to talk with any any stranger. I was so afraid of talking with any stranger. I used to hang up the call or I don't know what to say. I was I was just, you know giving awkward silences but by practicing regularly every day, I improved my communication skills, especially, you know, I'm an introvert introverted plus Shy Guy and I'm very bad at communicating with other people and even in real life. I'm I'm you know, socially inactive so by using this Open Door Gap by using this open dog, I improved my communication skills with my English, and I'm really thankful to open Talk.
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  • Has Swachh Bharat Campaign led to a cleaner India?
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    I think to some extent this campaign this campaign is leading to a cleaner of India but this campaign can only be successful if almost every individual makes effort to keep the places clean because you know, everyone keeps their homes and private places clean, but too lazy to keep their keep the public places clean and we are too lazy. We are too lazy to raise our voice for improving the system and reporting to the authority with but Unity but sadly we unite and raise our voice for Unnecessary issues like but nobody movie and doing violation for cash reservation system and Etc.
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  • After FB, its Amazon. Can we really trust these companies with managing our lives?
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    Our data is not safe on the hands of those companies. They they just get you know, Gonna Keep On tracking us. Did they know everything about us? They know what do we search on internet? They know what do we like? What do we don't like and they they make business on this, you know, they make missions through our data. They they know what do we need to buy and that's how their advertisement business works and you know, there's nothing that we could we could do about this because it's gone to you know, it's gone on the higher level and it's very sad that we do not have any Authority who could you know, you could regulate or regulate these companies. So for now, I think it's all up to us to, you know, get educated about internet more about data how to keep our data, you know private so we should not we should not
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  • Will Bullet Train help in the development of the country?
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    Will it rain is a good idea but it is not going to help help our country to develop for now because we have many other big problems. Like we are we are we are we are having a huge population of country is below poverty line and they are not even, you know, having access to nutritious food and and a quality education and they are unemployed and most of them are unemployed and they are not living a quality life. They are not they are not living a life up to the standards. So I think India should invest more on education, you know more should plan more about you know, how to give employability to people who are who are you know, unemployed and who are below poverty line. So yeah bullet train could help any country, but for now
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