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hello everybody my name is Arun and I like to talk with you I like you talk with everybody who belongs to another country I like to talk with that and if I talk about my hobbies that I like to read novels books that can make me understand like which can increase my intelligence e so these are the things that which I like most of the time so that's all

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freedom english acadmy(FEA)
Delhi, India
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  • Your message for the next generation to lead the country in right direction?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    good morning everybody today's topic is about Children's because today is a children day I gonna to start Fighter V. Of use of school should have curiosity they should have creativity for cleaning their environment
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  • Is Modi wave still going strong?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    Hello guys. This is a room. Yes. I agree with this statement that more they will stay in the election of 2019 and he will become the prime minister of India again because he has changed so many thing in day in the India like as you can see digitalization is the one thing that which is changed by our PM Modi and it is good for us because earlier just we used to go just suppose the bank if you want to withdraw your money they bet you money. Just you need to go there by your face, but now it's a digitalization you can do by the phone so many transactions
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  • Has Skill India mission delivered results to the tune of investments made into it?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    I think in my opinion India that whatever is happening in the day like a digitalization. So it is increased something I can say like a it made a cashless money. Like we have a plastic card which we can choose everywhere like shopping and buying something new like we are visiting in the mall and we want to buy something if we don't have money so we can use their plastic card that is called on like credit card and we use we can use it by the piping machine as well. So development development has did something well in India.
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