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Hi, My name is Akshay, I'm from Goa. I've done my graduation in Commerce. I've taken accounting. I'm here on this app to improve my communication skill as I think little bit I'm not fluent, so I would like to talk with any person which is which are interested in talking with me. Also I would like to make friends if they are interested, if I have given some good comments or any good talks with them, communication. So you can find me on this time which I have mentioned on my profile. You can contact me if interested then. Thanks a lot.

I speak

English : Conversational
Hindi : Native
Marathi : Beginner


damodar Vidyalaya, panaji
Panaji, India
Branch :
Studied :
Bachelor of Commerce - BCom
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My Opinions

  • When looking to make new friends, how do you prefer finding new people?
    Listen opinion8 months ago
    hi guys today I will be saying making new friends why it is essential in our life because it is very much essential and helpful for us because without them we can't have a happy no like I am having more than a friend which are in contact with me and they also good with me because we understand each other and then they give suggestions how to get happy how to solve our problems also so this is this app has already given very much freedom to communicate with each others and making new friend if you like each other then we we can definitely make a new friends so I would suggest all the people to make new friends in order to help them also to communicate with English language that's it thanks a lot
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  • If you are looking to improve communication skills in English or any other language, why are you looking to improve?
    Listen opinion8 months ago
    why improving English I would say improving English language is essential in day to day life because if we don't understand proper English language how will we communicate to other So English is a world language where we can use this language to translate also so I would like to say that if you don't know proper English language then you can't communicate with others as different countries have their other languages but English is a basic language where you must try to need to speak out and also understand from others people what they are trying to communicate so this is my opinion on this app thanks alot guys
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  • Share your main reason for using Opentalk. We will work on making it better.
    Listen opinion8 months ago
    Hi guys today. I would like to say happy New Year to you. And today I will be talking while I'm using open Talk app where we can communicate with each other. Other people we can understand each other's language. Mitchell and Peach and also we can get to learn from different culture religion. I have talked with more than 40 Country. So I had better spent while talking with them. And he says you want me of boosting my communication skills and confidence while talking English language because I am in office. So I need to get better communication skills replying to anybody and it has been very successful for me. So I would also suggest to you.
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  • 50% ATMs may shutdown by March due to additional running cost. Would it impact you?
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    Hello guys. How are you on? Yes, it would sit down in March 2019. It would run in a bank everyday is not possible. If you have ATM card, we can go in any ATM machines that are what day was in located around. Around in a country, I would say and we can withdraw cash we can also transfer the money with the help of the ATM card. And if so, I will be able to do the services because they were not able to handle the load of the common people would not close down.
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  • Venom likes 'Mogambo Khush Hua!', which are your favourite movie dialogues?
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    ok my favourite dialogue is there are two types of people winners and losers where is for losers life gives one opportunity to get succeed on one day or another day I would say this in Hindi Zindagi Mein Do Tarah Ke Log Hote Hai Yeh quinas Oriya closures lekin Har Aadmi ko live winner banane ki loser to winner banane ke liye mauka Deti Hai Mera Ye Mana Hai Aur Ye Haan Kabhi Kabhi Aisa Hi hota hai according to me thanks a lot
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  • Has Opentalk made a difference in your life?
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    hello guys good morning first of all I would like to say that. Ok has really did a very miss you good job while talking to strangers and we can talk to others without any disturbance without any fear and we can speak very freely and give your opinion to others also opened also given as a confidence while speaking to strangers others that we need to talk today today's life because we are afraid while talking to others first of all when we are in office or anybody who asked in English language that's why I open doggies I would say it is a very good app so that we can give better communication with others and also
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