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Hello guys. I'm kedar and I'm using this application. To be a fluent in English and to talk with strangers and learn something new from them. and I'm chemical engineer and I'm working in chemical industry. So yeah, if you guys are interested in talking about the professional life or about India or About studying abroad anything, you know I can talk. So if you guys are listening my intro and if you liked my profile, you can just send me a talk request. Yeah, I will be available. Mostly in the evening and in night. So thank you guys.

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    Listen opinion7 months ago
    I am using open talk just to practice English and I like to talk with stranger people always wonder like how they think and and the most interesting part is I can talk with the people who are from different countries that make me a fascinated about I love to talk with the people from different countries. And this is the best way and most secure way because you have no money. Rowdy Hero visa from Lucknow they can bother you do the in abuse you are not there will be there are few exceptions. We can just report that profile is not a big deal. Thank you for listening.
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