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hello, my name is Ali from Somalia Alice in Vidisha the capital of Somalia students SBI stud Information Technology it thanks your language Ayush this app in order to improve my speaking ability. Akhil confused how to speak English language 1930 1-1-2006 also how to read but speaking and listening I should I find it difficult to find them so that I am using this app. I hope I will be that.

I speak

English : Conversational
Somali : Native

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    Listen opinion2 months ago
    My name is I am from Somalia. I started this ever used full of what I started step to know and feel like my spit English improving and the reason that I started using the speech in English. I know my boy. Otis is English announce. I want to start an Atlanta to start a line through it. But now I'm standing just that's why I'm using it. There's a place. I mean all most of your service still don't see other people if it's possible. Thank you.
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