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hi everyone , This is AHMED from Somalia. I'm here to improve my communication skill seeking knowledge and also sharing my own experience. I have been using this application since one year, you guy feel free. If you like to talk with me. Please contact we will having a great conversation with talking joke and funny. Thank you. Bye.

I speak

Arabic : Fluent
English : Conversational
Somali : Native


Benadir university
Mogadishu, Somalia
Branch :
Electrical Engineering
Studied :
Bachelor’s degree
Passing Year :

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    What day is it?
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    Definition that's a great question. Really I in this application open talk very nice application. I have never seen like this because I am looking for sexy and wonderful application in years. So and I start using this application status and I think it 10 months ago, but it ain't right now. I'm not using a regular but I feel very confident when I talk English language other people before before I remember when I start I know only how are you where are you from and and like it's simple question. So right now I can and able to speak very very comfortable and very infrequent sleep. So and I N everything thank you for the pain after the owners.
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