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Hi guys, my name is Andre. I'm here for me talk about English and for me prove my fuse in English and I want Mickey a lot friend. All right, I wanted to have a great group of friends for me practice English and for me prove my skills for me. I know talk about many many things many situation for approve Forest PC clear for Havre a lot of conversation, you know, and I hold that your enjoy my conversation and I hold their one day. I can and Dad's together, you know fingers. Congratulation and thank you very much.

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  • Which is your favourite online TV channel - Amazon, Youtube, Netflix or any other?
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    yes my fever feverishly YouTube channel because YouTube channel we have a lot things about many sim across the world you know and superimposing you watch the YouTube channel because you can do that very simple way you can do they add a new cell phone in UV smart TV or right but I could be have Carlton because science vs Samsung A6 very hard you know enforce using is not is not necessary you know but I think that my favourite you to tell no is an Amazon is not very well while I lost my YouTube channel
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