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Lovely Professional University - LPU
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Performing arts
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Bachelor’s degree
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My Opinions

  • Can you speak this word - 'Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis' 3 times and without pauses! :)
    Listen opinion5 months ago
    Hello, everyone. Okay, let's talk pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. Thank you.
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  • Share you wishes and express why do you look forward to the festival of lights!
    Listen opinion5 months ago
    hello Abhi. Happy Diwali to each and everyone of you using this application to you and your family have a safe Diwali and Happy news and take care of your family members thank you
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  • Should govt. legalise sports betting for additional revenue & reducing corruption?
    Listen opinion6 months ago
    Hello, everyone. So yeah, legalizing sports betting I think you should not be legalized because it's somewhere in cages two kinds of people. The first kind is that those who are into the sports betting they'll be getting a field lines as we will give you getting license to just you know, play more and to just to become from part-time to full-time. So that is you that you're engaging the sports Bettors those who are you know doing right now and the second people are those the fixtures, you know, the game cheaters, you know, the game fixes you're encouraging them to just ignore fix more matches for most sports matches, so it's not should book should not be legalized in ETA R. It is increasing people in a wrong way so which is not appropriate. Thank you.
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  • Rahul says he is ready to be PM if allies back him. Would you support RG as our PM?
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    Hello everyone. So the whole Gandhi is a beam of India. Okay, if you just to keep the purple image over, you know, Rahul Gandhi aside, if you just see the basis of Statics on the base of record practically. The first fact is like Rahul Gandhi has lost 27 elections after the Busy Bee came into power and he's been named in the Guinness World Record of losing elections. And the next second thing is recently if you see the UPA government, they just partnership partnered with the samajwadi party actually shadow and they were still not able to form the government. They just got 54 seats in their fellow various the bgp got 300 seats. It's a major difference. I think so there is no point arises in becoming the PM of India because save it so we can see a very responsible position. So he's not suitable So, yeah. Thank you.
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  • Court accepts Rabri Devi's bail plea as she belongs to a reputed family. Is family background more important than crime committed?
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    Hello, everyone. So you are regarding this IRCTC scam? I think law is equal for everyone. Lord is in see the family background the type of flows or the type of you can see the contact see he or she has exist if he or she found guilty they just be punished and that is the rule for the law. But here it's like something different the scenarios different because the CBI on April 16 has filed a case against this Lalu Prasad yadav family regarding this is it is Cam and the charges were the criminal conspiracy and sheeting and the CBA also have the evidence against them still still the Delhi court has this given the bail to the wife of Lalu Prasad yadav reproduce. We understand they just we other so I don't know why. Yeah, thank you.
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  • Zero is the most expensive project for SRK with an estimated budget of 200 crores. Are expensive movies better?
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    Hello, everyone. Sweetie, I saw our case mu V 0 I have read about it. Like it is like estimated like 2200 Cruz has been you can see it's like financially they have whatever they have done with the movie to talk 200 Euros, but I think the budget never matters the budget never matters. It can be just the budget is just about giving a an effect to the movie. What matters is the story, you know how they present it like how the story's been you can see presented in such a way that it is just touching the hearts of the audience. So that's very important. I think the budget is nothing to do with the success of the movie. So and I hope it does because we're sir, srk some nectar. It's like similar to fan movies like a window meeting a secret Superstar something like that. So watch it. Thank you.
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  • Did you make somebody smile today?
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    Hello, everyone. So you're happy will smile day to every one of you those are listening to this audio keep smiling and let your smile never stop because smile is something which you can just, you know, just show just you can do just for free. I think it is not any charges for that any cost for that. I think it is free of cost. So I think you should smile everyone and you should make, you know, keep someone happy make him or her smile. So now as far as today's day, I think making someone smile it's a part of my life because it just happens being Yusuf. I think that is the best party can do to, you know, cracking jokes their friends or so. I have you can see it's a part of my life. I just make everyone smile. So once again, Happy Wheels mildly keep smiling never stop smiling. Okay. Thank you.
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  • Biggest ever test win for India in a row! Is this the best Indian team on home turf?
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    Hello everyone, of course just because of the first the point which would I like to add is the home support? The second one is the rash could pitch is always been a batting fish. I think the Batson always enjoy batting there and I just saw this core and I it is a int has given a very good start be British and the radical radical is also bling so I think the first year was very good and it has it will be a you can say a great batting pitch. You can say 300 400 places. I think it would be normal because we have a great batting lineup in Indian cricket team. So yeah means int will be king of very good total in both the Innings and if I think it will be a very challenging score for the West Indies. Yeah, and the second test in you can see Hyderabad is so it is also a you can say a most on the side of bowling page because as soon as taken 18, this match ricketts's wickets. Thank you.
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  • Rupee crosses 73 mark against US dollar for the first time ever. Will it go down further? What can we do to save rupee?
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    Hello, everyone. See ya on this topic. I would like to say you can see if we just take the record since 1947 1947. It was like one dollar is equal to 1 to p and now in 2018. It is like 73 Rupees at the beginning of this year interior 2863 rupees and now it's empty three. So which leads to the you can say coming down of the rupees you can check rupee currency it just because of the you can see I which also this situation click on this so you can see this transition leads to the increase in the GDP, which is not you can say economically good for a nation and you can see just because of the crude oil because you know, like we are we have to you know means you're forced to get over crude oil from the other countries like you can see the Saudi Arabia and in Iran. So yeah, so it will slide more
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  • After raising such an important issue, would it be right for Tanushree Dutta to enter BigBoss?
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    Hello everyone. We are planning to go to the big balls. It's a personal choice. But yeah, I just want to say like if whatever she is doing or whatever. She has confessed in front of the audience in front of the media if she's doing for the publicity. I think she should not go to the big boss because the truth is now going to hide for many days. It's going to be out one or another day. But yeah, if she's telling the truth whatever happened with the there has been case then I think she should go there and fight for the truth and I think and since it also use the future opportunities, whatever she gets. Okay. Thank you.
    Likes 2 10Report Report
  • Considering his run in domestic cricket, can Prithvi Shaw prove to be the next Kohli on WI tour?
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    Hello everyone. So yeah pretty show. It would be no drawn to say we could be the next great goalie because I just saw his record. I have Nazis batting seen his batting but I just saw is recording the universe tree Cricket in his debut. Ranji trophy man. She score century and has reviewed the lip Trophy match. He scored century and today in the as you all people know like India was assistant is he has also scored a century. So I think if their performance goes in the future also iconic because you just 18 or 19 years old, so it's not even completed 19 so we can be then next to that goal if given the more opportunities more chances to to assure to prove. I think he can be the next dot Koli. Yeah. Thank you.
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  • Do motivation quotes really work? Share the one which motivates you.
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    Hello, everyone firstly as far as your motivation is concerned. It helps you out to become the best the motivation quotes framed by the person himself or being followed by some of the person. It's all about following the three elements of motivation. Basically, it has three elements like the intensity the direction and the persistence. The person has to follow these three elements to get a better result with a good performance. So they do really work if followed with a good dedication as far as the personal opinion, I don't follow any motivation code from anyone because I believe in self motivation. So, thank you.
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  • Will the Indian Spin duo Ashwin-Jadeja be the biggest challenge for West Indies in tests?
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    Hello everyone. Of course. Yes, these two players Distributors this to all-rounders revisions are shown in Judea will be playing a major role in this to test matches and the rest of the series as well because every generation has a very good record in Rajkot and also in Hyderabad rubbish insertion has taken 18 be case in chest tube test matches. So I think it would be a biggest challenge for this induced cricket team. And but if we just see the records started tricks after 94 matches being played over all 30 has been won by West Indies and 18 has been won by India. So we have India must have also should be very careful and should also give a very good performance. Yeah. Thank you.
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  • Is J.P.Dutta's 'Border' (1997), the best war movie of India?
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    Hello, everyone firstly many more happy returns of the day for Jupiter. Wish him all the best for your future life. And let's talk about this carrier here is the active mini-movies by profession is a writer. He's a producer and as well as the Director is not is known for making many battery war movies. So one of his movies is border, which is a very great movie and it would be not wrong to say if you say it is a big one of the best war movies resource made by Bollywood because it has all the mixtures it somewhere the patriotism arises when you just see a movie. It just brings a goose bumps in everyone who watches this movie. So yeah, it is one of the best of all movie of India and just take a look at this picture. He some very simple strength remove their. Thank you.
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  • Has Opentalk made a difference in your life?
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    Hello, everyone firstly congratulations to the developers of this application because this application is helping a lot of people a lot of fun too confident people to become more confident and to become more expressive as far as the personal opinion is concerned. Yes, this application helps in the Improvement and improving you can say a more expressive talking on different topics to talk to different people from different parts of the world. So it helps a lot and I think it has become one of the hobbies for most of the people you cannot say A change is a very strong word. But yeah, it also helped in the Improvement in every aspect in speaking and listening because these are the basics of communication skills see itís helped in the Improvement and thank you.
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  • PM Modi & French President receive "Champion of The Earth" for their work on International Solar Alliance & beat plastic pollution. A moment of national pride?
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    Hello, everyone. Obviously, it's a moment of national pride because India has been selected among the top six winners for this award. That is the champions of Earth award at the UN General Secretary has thanked India and then remove the for setting an example in front of all of all the other countries for motivating them to just take care of the nature and remove the has also time for the audience for the Indians were taking first saving the environment and the second word. Which in their God is the Cochin International Airport got the award which was name is entrepreneurial Vision award for the uses of system sustainable energy. So this two votes between day God and all the internet should be proud because it's a world while of what So, yeah. Thank you.
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  • What is the significance of Gandhiji's teachings in today's world?
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    Hello, everyone. First of all, those are listening to this audio. Happy Gandhi. Jayanti to every one of you before moving to this question how significant or how important it is to follow the teachings of gandhiji's. Let's take a quick summary of his teachings, like what various teachings first, we'll moves you can say the fighting for the truth fighting for the gestures then promoting non-violence and education with our character. So these were some of his teachings and as far as this 30 Ching is concerned education with our character if suppose if we take an example of working in a company if a person if a candidate if an employee has an a good technical knowledge, but it is not with a good character. I think he or she is useless for the company. So yeah, they are important in such a way. It depends on the situation the situation. So yeah, they are important. Thank you.
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  • The Indian Navy has diverted ships carrying drinking water, packed juices, milk, biscuits and tents to Indonesia. Good Initiative?
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    Hello everyone. So as far as the current scenario of Indonesian countries concerned, I think this area of the pallu Aryan Indonesia. It's been suffered from very very huge loss because of the tsunami an earthquake. So as far as you people know that India and Indonesia has a very good relations in every aspect. So I think of India has taken a step forward in the Navy has taken a step forward to help them out. I think is a very good initiative because Indian government has done with the other countries as well as other neighbors countries as well like Bangladesh and Nepal due to this destructions. They have helped them out. So if they have done in this situation, I think it's also very good. And as far as Indonesian people are concerned they are suffering for very huge laws. They're in need of basic needs like food shelter. The family members are missing the children are missing. So just pray for Indonesia. Thank you.
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