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Hello, lads and lasses, This is Anup who loves to talk to people make new friends and interact with them. I'm an extrovert kind of person. so stay tuned.

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  • India is now a Space super power! Is it good or bad?
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    Indeed, it's a great achievement for india. India has entered an elite club with the defence research and development organisation blowing up a satellite in a low Earth orbit into smithereens. Such indian capability to take out moving object has never really been in doubt. Indeed India has been in the business of testing long range missiles for years. The display of technological prowess through the test accentuates the military dimension and brings into play an overwhelming Assurance of a credible deterrence against attacks on India's growing number of space assets. But, while the country celebrates the test as a scientific achievement, it must also dwell on the possibility that this might goad its none too friendly neighbour Pakistan into a competitive frenzy. Ideally, the test should not have been a matter for partisan political debate,but Given the hypernationalist political plank of the BJP, mission Shakti might have more reverberations on the ground than it has had in a space.
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  • Share your main reason for using Opentalk. We will work on making it better.
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    Greetings all I think the main reason for most of the people for using this application is that they are using this application to improve on their communication skills, those who are having hard time speaking to people over phone calls are now able to speak, to posit their opinions on any topic thanks to open talk team. And those who are willing to work on their English speaking from scratch, i assure you if used regularly, this application will resolve all your issues pertaining to learning English. And for those who are on this application for meeting new people, making new friends, I'll say, have a good time.
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  • Mirage jets destroy PoK terror camps. Is this enough?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    Okay. Question to ask. Is there a strike that in your dude is enough? My answer is no definitely is not enough and you should have carried out such a strike since the very first two things that are getting the party for India or the earliest strike on your surgical strike after only attack is Norman to do any harm with collateral damage or claiming the lives of Innocents in Pakistan, but it is aimed at having a clam down a total climb down on the rim of Paris outfits those who are decimating and admitting to her today to all of your terrorism. And also it is incumbent on other Indian government to pull out all the stops to counter as well as pulverized Saturdays are in the most less dates to concocting even more secret operations on those who are responsible for propelling up terrorism one day matram.
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