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my instagram ID Hi, good morning friends. I am from Karnataka Bengaluru I have recently given the exam of btec family and I have completed engineering and well, I did not get the original basically. I was very much interested talking with the people. I want to know about them. They have certain knowledge and share them. I want to take the knowledge early up to this opentok made me. My day was like a best and diamond a best knowledge. We can get your district totally set multi purpose app can say this but who I hope you will call me and know me very well and one day will call. Thank you so much and I really get to talk with people. Can you say that? Army

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English : Conversational
German : Beginner
Hindi : Conversational
Kannada : Native


Kengeri, India
Branch :
Mechanical Engineering
Studied :
Bachelor of Engineering - BE
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My Opinions

  • A century, runout and first-ball wicket - is Jadeja the best allrounder in today's world cricket?
    Listen opinion10 months ago
    Of course, there is ice. Yeah best player compared to others because as you spin as you see the spin of jadeja, he will drop when he was spinning is well, it's really good comparison to batting. It's like consistency. But of course in test match is a good player. But according to in one day match there is not suitable for one day and T20 nowadays you swing that so my suggestion is judges only good for test match as we need to give some angst Arch is also there. We need to be a chance for one day and T20 and something so it's best for generator only for giving a chance in test match is a good. Thank you.
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  • Has Opentalk made a difference in your life?
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    Yeah, well, it was really awesome to say that what open talk is really a changes like May. Yeah, of course according to me that you and I don't know how to say how to speak others. It's really difficult situation that for the yeah, of course unknown person. We cannot speak him. Yeah, we say that High by that's it Bobby. Yeah, if I started to speak with a known person in this app, I really started slowly and I improve my level and speaking with others and it's really awesome. Now, I was a perfectly I can speak with any strangers. It was any topic which I know better and it's really great app that it always make excitement to speak with strangers. And of course, you will get a good person in this app. That is a really fluent in that field. So if we speak him that we also allow approximately randomly. We can also become a good flow and that's enough.
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  • Will Idli, dosa outlive pizzas & burgers? (Mr. Vice President agrees)
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    John Cabot on what I should say, you know what actually idli Dosa are very tasty hurts was best South Indian food or for breakfast morning or evening anytime we can eat dosa is awesome. It was my one of favorite but compared to Pisa Burger. It's not comparison are totally it was not comparison. We should compare pizza and burger but we should not compare both with South Indian food like idli Dosa that or our green even it was night. No stomach problem. I think for pizza burger, you know that it was like it gives some gas trouble and maybe it was like morning we Face some stomach problem. Of course, you all know that and the cost comparison cost is high. I don't think the pizza is very tasty compared to those are it's my opinion. Thank you.
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  • Did you make somebody smile today?
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    Definitely. It's a great day, but I don't think the only the one day for if we make the smile, then it will become a world smiles day. I do make smile for I want to see smile on others any strangers or my own brother sister. Anyone face. I want to see you smile and I do make fun of them and I will make definitely smile today more and more. Of course I do daily. But today I will do more. Thank you.
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