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Hello everyone. My name is am 20 years old and up about my qualification. I did my schooling from Muzaffarnagar UP and nowadays I am pursuing graduation from CCS University.apart from study. I do have some experience of teaching and if I talk about my hobbies so I love to read books and to make friends I am using this application, so thank you so much.

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  • 50% ATMs may shutdown by March due to additional running cost. Would it impact you?
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  • What are you doing on thanksgiving today?
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    Sorry, I have no idea. What the hell is this patient day according to me every day is a special and if you say about this day special, what about last day? And what about what about tomorrow when you know, which is about to come, you know R&B special so I don't get it the fuck.
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  • Is Modi wave still going strong?
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    Well according to me it's not going to work. It's not going to work anymore. But let's see what is going to happen. And if it happens, so I'm pretty sure after 5 years. India will be the, you know poorest country in the world according to me because right now the patrol prices are very high and you know the prices of anything in India. So and if he becomes the prime minister of India, once again, India is going to lose everything and just prepare for it. I think there are people they have no idea what is happening with my country. Tell people. I was just listening or you know, people are saying that she has, you know, midi India very
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