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hello guys my name is Abdul bird and I am waiting for your call because so we can know each other and giving this version is not much important for me because I think we shall discuss it with each other after we heat up each other or because each other right so let's hear from Earth

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English : Conversational
Hindi : Native


Graphic Era University
Dehradun, India
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Computer Science Engineering
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Bachelor’s degree
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My Opinions

  • Do we really need faster mobile data speeds? If yes, what do we need it for?
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    because we need more high speed and this is because the more high speed will have the more throughput will be there the more work will be done by us in less time because if we are downloading something and is a big size suppose we are downloading Windows it's almost 4GB and with 5gb can do it pain in few minutes and seconds Batin Faizi of Foji speed is not that much hai so we have to wait approx how far over nowand the coverage also is not that good so actually we are not getting the actual speed that Foji provides or that four G is capable of soya we need 5G for that to reach the maximum speed at 4 degrees and why not there is no reason that we should and shouldn't be having highest speed of 5G speed
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  • Is the Paytm the financial product you use most frequently?
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    for me Paytm is the most easy and convenient way of using online transaction and second thing like other as liked agent phone pe don't work on my cell phone because its root it and I use custom rom so they don't work on my cell phone on my of Android operating system so Paytm works for me as the only option left which is most of the people with which is used by most of the people around that I prefer Paytm over other things
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