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Hey guys, it's Sarbast since it's a little hard to pronounce you can call me SARO, this is my second voice introduction and since I'm using the app for more than 10 months I have some cool and interesting stories to share with you. SO PLZ CALL ME, What I really like about the app is it provides a fun way to improve your language skills by allowing you to have contact with different nationalities and cultures around the globe. GUYS be proud of what you do for yourself and what you have become with your hard works ,Never be proud of your nationality, have fun. TAKE CARE 😉😊.

I speak

Chinese : Conversational
French : Conversational
German : Native
Portuguese : Conversational
Spanish : Conversational

My Opinions

  • Should people invest in cryptocurrencies?
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    I don't know what that is mean cryptocurrency at the first time. I'm hearing such a thing, but I would say thank you Netflix for all the good TV shows and movies.
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