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Hello everybody. 11 adverb and my second home is Mumbai originally have a prometal Pradesh Government it. I am here just to talk to more and more people because I love socializing and I also love trying to solve the problems as my ultimate aim is to make this world a happy place in here.

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Cms lucknow
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My Opinions

  • Should people invest in cryptocurrencies?
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    cryptocurrencies of the solution to transfer money from one person to another person without the environment of any third party so basically now what is cryptocurrency is very hard to understand for normal people but as soon as they will get more educated and more connected to Technologies definitely we will start using cryptocurrencies and 80 it is not like very few percentage of person in the world are using cryptocurrencies so can you think if that will come and to make frame because it is a solution to a problem the problem we need to transfer funds need to depend on any third party sunao cryptocurrency installed it we can transfer file from one person to another person whether a person is sitting just beside us or far away from all country we can transfer funds in seconds and minutes so cryptocurrency is a solution to it analyst in it and you will definitely get property and Furious
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  • Do motivation quotes really work? Share the one which motivates you.
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    Now it is your call to decide whether motivational quotes works or not, I am going to tell you a quote and you have to sense whether it is working for you are not so, the quote goes like, "Your sickness is from you but you do not perceive it and you remedy is within you but you do not sense it, you presume you are a small entity but within you is enfolfed the entire Universe, You are indeed the evident book by whose alphabet the hidden becomes manifest, therefore there is no need to look beyond yourself. What you seek is within you if only you reflect" this quote is said by Imam Ali IBN Abi Talib and he is in fact the first scientist born on the earth who told about creation of Universe and he is the person who was born inside the Holy Kaaba the place which is considered for the hajj rituals and he is very learned man, you can find something which is untold in his book called Nahjul-Balagah which is available in English you can Google and find it easily, Imam Ali is the person who said, thank you.
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  • Do you enjoy writing, reciting or listening to poetry? If yes, do share your favourite lines.
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    please listen to this poetry and decide whether opentok should include the poultry module or not counter with your opinion. Baat Meri Maan Kar Gaya Jo uske paas Tha Wo Mujhe Kuch zada security Badal Gayi achha Sare Shaher Kabir and Kar Gaya Dil charkhe Ki Kashish Tu Apni Mohabbat par Qurban Kar Ke Niche Utar Gayi Hai Judai Hai Zindagi Bewafa Se Mujhko Pareshan Karke Hume baat baat pe Kehte tha Jisko jaan mujhe jaan please guys come to with your opinion better. Ok should include poultry module or not I hope you enjoyed thank you
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  • Venom likes 'Mogambo Khush Hua!', which are your favourite movie dialogues?
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    Tujhe pata hai is duniya k har chutiye ko ye Lagta hai k uski wali laga gai, aur ye alag hai sunke mujhe yakeen ho Gaya hai tere L lagnei wale hain.
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  • Indians spent over Rs 50k crore on Chinese phones. Are we selling our country & economy to US & Chinese companies? Time for another Swadeshi Movement?
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    for this we need to figure out on the things we are dependent on our day to day life which includes Technology food and everything what we wear or whatever we need for living out so I will say we are rich in some things and we are lacking in few things so it is totally clear that we are dependent on other countries for some services or goods and their also dependent on us so this is how the word lips like we make friendship we sometimes get dependent on people people get dependent on us so we offer what we are good into and we take help from othersin which they are good into so this is what I need to say so I think we have we actually don't need any Swadeshi Movement in fact we need to get educated and work in those companies and take salaries from them
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