The world is literally a “Messed-Up Place” which could trap you inside its void, leaving us with minimal time for our loved ones, especially our friends. From those prolonged working weekdays, you may find yourself helpless while pushing up for the weekend plans which ended up into a Netflix coma. This so-called Netflix love comes into existence through a series of excuses that you might deliver to your friends; which often tags you as a “Plan-digger” amongst most of your friends.

Whether it’s the out in a bar night with your friends or a weekend getaway planned zillions years ago which never saw the light of reality, here are the 10 excuses “which made you do this”.

1. I’m Not Feeling Well, I’ll Talk To You Later

Which probably means that hanging out with you doesn’t seem as exciting as cuddling your bed for a good 8-9 hours. Your worth is diminished and you better hang up the phone without inquiring further. Playing it on the safest side, a person with this sort of excuse leaves no space for further convincing.

2. I’ve Got A Lot Of Work To Do

Another excuse used quite often sounds pretty unconvincing as no one works 24*7; at least on this planet. The normal human tendencies are definitely not made up that way unless you’re from Krypton and got some cool powers residing here on Earth.

3. I Am Out With My Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Convince them, take them along for a party, fill up the booze for them and then after 10 drinks, you’ll know that he/she is not even in a relationship. The only relationship they must be having is with the boredom of their own isolation. Or maybe they are procrastinating!!

4. I’m Not In Town

Hassled trembling voice like Sorry, Umm.. could possibly make it the best excuse of your dictionary. Just master your gestures and make the person believe that not being in town could disable your proficiency of talking. Strange Enough!!

5. My Relatives Are Here

And they might mind watching you lingering with anyone else except them. Plus you have tonnes of task to do to make them happy. There’s no choice left for you and you’re helpless. Playing the victim card always helps.

6. I Am Left With No Balance In My Phone

This one is the most practical, we must say, or possibly economical. “I’ve gone out of balance” has a bipolar meaning and could be taken as “I’m not in a state to talk”.

7. I’m Not That Socially Active These Days

Straight on point. Social media display of affection is mandatory and what to talk about when you’re not even active socially. Best way to ignore I guess!!

8. I Am Rushing Out For Some Important Work

I have to leave, wait.. there’s an attack,.. or earthquake,. I gotta go. Be prepared to give a sudden panic attack to the one you love and that’s how you’ll make them believe.

9. I Just Had A Rough Day, Will Talk To You Later

The world seems to be biased against me. I wanna cry, I wanna sob and I wanna hang out with my bed for a while. Some Netflix won’t harm that much. Shhh.. Let’s keep it a secret.

10. I Have An Exam Tommorrow

And I haven’t prepared for it since quite a long time, but as only one day is left, I got to mug up everything, coz I know I could do it that way. So talk to you later!!

Ending It Katy Perry’s Way:-

It’s no big deal, it’s no big deal, it’s no big deal
This is no big deal

This is how we do, yeah, chilling, laid back
Straight stuntin’ ya we do it like that
This is how we do, do do, this is how we do!!

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