All of us are gifted with some sort of talent and who says being a chatterbox is not one of it. If you’re a chatterbox you already know how many times you have said the wrong thing at the wrong place and faced the aftermath. If this doesn’t count as talent, then we don’t know what it could be. Apart from this, you are really proud of being vocal all the time (Ok, sometimes way too much). Here is a list of few things all chatterboxes will relate to:

Things All Chatterboxes Will Relate To

1. You Talk Way Too Fast Than Usual People

Things All Chatterboxes Will Relate To

Which means you say a million things in a fraction of time and you’re pretty darn in it. People around you hear you more than they talk in front of you. You spill out your emotions without thinking twice which means you can hardly keep any secret.

2. You Are Friendly With Everyone

After all, you have so many things to talk about and the person who’ll be with you will never get bored. Although it’s difficult for them to talk in front of you as you’re dominating when it comes to leading any sort of discussion but that just simply sums you up.

3. A Person Who Talks Lesser Is Not From This Planet As Per You

It’s so difficult for you to imagine or to be around a person who rarely talks and stays conserved. It’s almost impossible for you to bear such people.

4. You Never Run Out Of Questions

Basically, you want others to talk and behave the same as you do though you never let them speak and plays the part of a good listener with you. You behave like a curious kid who never misses any opportunity to solve their queries.

5. You Exaggerate

Obviously, you have to. Words are never enough and you play along way too much with them. The people around are left with no choice whatsoever and often end up nodding rather than waiting for their chance to speak up.

6. There Are Chances That Your Closer Ones Have Caught You Talking Even When You’re Asleep

You must have encountered this numerous times. No need to feel embarrassed. It Happens!!

7. Your Silence, Though Rare Counts As Fishy Most Of The Time

Days, when you speak less often, makes the people around you worried. They’ll think either you’re worried or in some sort of trouble if you’re not talking.

8. You Have Been Threatened Several Times To Stay Quiet

And yet you never ever took them seriously. People have even threatened you with a duct tape and not so surprisingly that too didn’t work.

9. Calling Is A Better Option For You Than Texting

If you have to choose, then you will prefer calling over texting. Texting is just too bland for you to express your emotions and views. And ofcourse, you dig video.

10. You’re The Conversation Starter Every Time

And you literally love this tag.

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