1. Listen and observe when you speak

**Pay attention **to what others say. Pay more attention to their body language.

Do they look bored? Crack a joke. Do they look confused? Encourage them to ask a question.

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2. Think before you speak

**Relax. **People prefer a well thought-through answer than a rushed up answer. So give yourself some time.

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3. Speak slowly

It will give you time to think and frame your sentences, it will also help you put your message across more clearly.

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4. Learn sentences, not only words

When you learn a new word, learn how to use it in a sentence immediately. Memorize how to use it and not just it’s word meaning.

5. Go online and have some fun

**Pick an English song **with subtitles, sing it and understand it. Or you can use our English Practicing app Opentalk and meet people from all across the globe to have conversations with and improving your skills.

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6. Smile often

Remember**, a smile often speaks a thousand words**. So smile while you speak and keep shining.