The formation of any great event lies on its sponsors for which reaching out Alumni is the best step any event organizer can do. Depending on the event, its objective, the message it has to convey, alumni are perfect role models and can be counted as event sponsors too. Though this is an important step towards organizing a great event, this doesn’t look so handy every time when you’re in a search of a right person.

Being an event organizer in college my task was to ensure that every event has to be organized exceptionally. I worked on details ever since I got this responsibility being the President of my college. In an event, the prestige of a college is on the stake and you cannot put it down whatsoever reason is. “Fusion” is one of our prime event for a Mass Com college which is a huge platform to represent talents from our college and the level of expertise we have in our field. Organising an event and being creative is one of the prime requirement in our field and I took it as a challenge every time.

For years, we have been organizing great events. The toughest part of which was to reach out to the alumni who can help us out for event sponsorship as well. Our team was working day and night to make this event as exciting and enthralling as it could be, but trying to find the right alumni who could resolve our issue was a task we were not able to crack. We were looking for a platform that could associate us with any alumni association so that we could reach out to mass at one place.

One of my team members tried out opentalk casually considering it an interactive app where he associated with a lot of fellow guitarist like him. Based on his interest, which was music Ashutosh, one of our ace guitarist managed to create a huge gang on “My talk circle” feature of opentalk. One day, out of curiosity, I asked him about the app and the idea of reaching out to our targeted alumni through this app struck through my mind.

I created an account and based on our interest towards mass media, I found three to four alumni who introduced us to their association. The app has easy usability that made a very tricky task into a simpler one. Now we’re reaching out to several colleges and their talented students to participate in our event and so far the app is hooked us with a win-win situation.

We got introduced to Atri Malhotra, who was a famous alumnus of our college through Opentalk and is a known director a reputed media channel. He showed immense support and encouragement to our event’s concept and theme and sponsored the entire event on his media channels. My efforts were appreciated the most throughout the event and I learnt a lot. This is one achievement I’m really proud of and for me, there was no look back after this as I organized some major events in the final year of my college.