Hailing from scenic North-east India, my entire childhood was spent in the lap of mother nature. Being the brightest kid in the family, I always scored well in academics. I always wanted to be a doctor for which I worked pretty hard. Unfortunately, after my HSC exams, I fell ill and couldn’t appear for my medical entrance exam.

My father always wanted me to be an Engineer and made me appear for IITJEE entrance exam which luckily, I cleared. I got admission in Petroleum Engineering from IIT Dhanbad about which I had no idea whatsoever. I tried to dig in for some career guidance but found nothing solid anywhere. One of my friends shared a link of opentalk app in one of our WhatsApp group for career guidance.

I downloaded the app and looked for career guidance in Deep sea oil exploration which is a rare course. Luckily, I met one of the alumni of IIT Dhanbad on the app who guided me well enough about the entire course.

During our first conversation on Opentalk, he introduced himself as Sarthak Chaturvedi who was a Petroleum Engineer in the industry with over 9-1/2 years of experience. I was completely reluctant about pursuing this course, but Sarthak really helped me out in making the right decision.

I added him in “My Talk Circle” feature of the app, where we started talking quite often. He told me everything about the glamour and machoism attached to the profile of this course. According to him, working with ONGC is 100% certain after the completion of this course.

He stated three major perks related to this course:-

  1. Attractive remunerations.
  2. Easy International exposure after garnering good experience in this field.
  3. Ease at work- Rotational shifts, travel is needed, bonus at field work.

He gave me the example of another alumnus of our Institute, who is a reputed name in our industry and has over 30 years of experience. He has the credit of writing two books *‘The Beckoning of Gyanganj’ (fiction) and ‘Footprints’ (short stories). The next, ‘A Leap into The Dark – for Love’ (fiction). *

As per Sarthak, out of different sectors of Petroleum Industry, Exploration & Production is the sector where most of the Petroleum Engineers work. This area is about scanning for subtle unrefined petroleum and flammable gas which lie miles underneath the earth surface. When discovered, wells are dug deep to obtain this crude oil which is further sent for refining.

The global masters of this industry are:- Shell, BP, ExxonMobil, Roseneft, whereas in India companies like ONGC, Reliance Industries, Oil India is one of the established names in the Petroleum Industry.

Sarthak introduced me to more alumnus of IIT Dhanbad on Opentalk and together based on our interest in this field our talk circle expanded. Sarthak added more students like me in the circle so as to help them with the uncertainty regarding this career. It was such a great experience with this app after which I readily agreed to join this course.

My academic session in IIT is now fun-filled because of guidance from Sarthak and other people whom I met on Opentalk. It is such wonderful thing to get connected to people on the basis of your career priorities or interests.