Opentalk is a fantastic app; I usually use it on my way to work. I was connected to this girl on Opentalk who too was on her way to office, the only thing is, she was in different part of world and was about to start with her night shift, I asked her how she manages to beat Monday blues, and her reply was

Coffee. All the coffee in the mornings. Of course, I am legitimately addicted to caffeine, so not having it spells all sorts of disaster for me. Then in the evenings, I go to pole fitness class. Getting into the studio makes all of my other issues go away for those 90 minutes.

She inspired me, but there was no way I was ready for a caffeine addiction, so she suggested me to choose some Podcast or TV Series which releases its episode on Monday so that I will look forward to Monday and that advice made sense to me, and I’m planning to follow it, Thanks to Opentalk, I got to meet friendly people.