Talking Stories – Shared by a user:

“I had finished my exams and was using the Opentalk app to talk to new people during my summer vacations. In one of the many interesting conversations I had, I got connected to a person from Maharashtra who has his trekking group. The group organizes trekking excursions and other adventurous tours in scenic locations in Western Ghats, India. People from all over the world participate in their excursion trips.

As we talked more about some of the past tours, I realized that the trips were fascinating and well organized. Most of our conversation revolved around the trekking, and we didn’t realize when 20 minutes got over. Almost near the end of our conversation, the person shared the name of their group and website to check out the details of the upcoming tours, which are still open for registrations. Not to mention that he did offer a discount code if I ever plan to take one of their excursion packages.

Later in the day, I shared the details of this trekking group with my friends, and many of them seem interested in joining the team for their summer vacation. By the end of the day, I was quite thrilled that how a meaningful and genuine conversation with a new person can open a world of possibilities. Thanks, Opentalk!”