I have been using Opentalk for a while; As an employee of the company, it is important to regularly use what you are building and contribute to developing a product which everyone will like and appreciate. While experimenting with the app, I came across this woman on the app. She was from Kolkata, 29-year-old and she owned a small coffee shop. while having the conversation I asked her about where her husband works, she laughed and said, ‘What makes you think I have a husband?’ I politely replied, ‘Well, usually in India women are married by this age.’
Whatever she said next made sense, ‘Maybe I was not interested in being someone’s suitable partner. You see, I never had a relationship or affair because my parents were strict, but I also refused to settle for someone just for the sake of it. Here I’m, running my small shop waiting to fall in love.’ She paused for a second and continued, ‘People are so desperate when it comes to falling in love, they don’t want to experiment, try or even fail. You never fail in love, yes, at times it doesn’t work out, but love is never wrong. You never fall in love you always rise.’
I smiled, and we continued talking for some time, and then she had to hang up on me, but whatever she said made so much sense to me. I often wonder what we are trying to build; I get it now, a pool of conversations. Conversations without baggage and research, here you try to create every ripple of knowing someone from scratch. Thanks to Opentalk, I came across a person beautiful from both inside and outside. Can’t wait to go to Kolkata and surprise her with my visit! She changed the way I looked at settling down.