Every culture, besides some other things, has its own distinct set of customs, traditions, and etiquettes. In fact, one of the principal distinguishing features between one nation and one tribe and another has been its distinct set of customs, traditions, and etiquettes.

Since I was a little kid, my dad always taught my siblings and me basic manners on the table, and one of them which we still use is, ‘fork and knife ‘which means NEVER USE YOUR HANDS. One of my favourite topics to talk about with my Opentalk friends is “food” because one of the things I enjoy the most is cooking for my loved ones. So I was told by my South Indian friend that here, you shouldn’t even touch the plate with your left hand while eating.

That’s mostly because the left hand is associated with bodily functions, so it’s considered to be dirty. In fact, she told me they don’t even pass essential documents with your left hand.

I was curious, so I asked her, What if someone is a lefty? Then it’s okay to use your left hand as long as you take your right side out of the game. So I thought that was only in India but she told me is also like that in the middle east and some parts of Africa and for me is so amazing how the same act can be considered exceptional or wrong. For example, the opposite of this is what happens in Chile and is that they don’t even eat fries with their hands so as a conclusion it all depends on where you are from.

So one of the benefits of using this app is that I get the chance to know basic stuff of every country, and that is going to be more useful for me in the future because if I go there, I won’t be doing something that is considered bad manners. Thanks to Opentalk, for introducing me to such people every day!