Schooling is the best phase of our life, not just friends or childhood but the knowledge we get and the mannerism we learn is all that stays forever with us. Thus, being in the best school is something that is pretty important and will affect your whole life and not just 12-14 years of your schooling.

Spending over 10 years as a bright student of a reputed school in Dehradun, I realized the importance of schooling that leads to a bright future and career. It was the time when 10th standard board exams were over the head and I got to know about my fathers posting in Delhi. And the whole family had to shift there.

After the board exams, when we shifted to Delhi, I was pretty tensed about from where I should continue my schooling. Being hassled up with shifting and settling down the new house, mom and dad were busy. And I being new in Delhi, felt alienated. But thanks to the developing world, I had a smartphone and connected with a few friends of mine from Dehradun.

As time passed, I shared my thoughts regarding my tension towards admission in 11th standard, that is the most crucial year of schooling, as it decides the stream you opt and that will be the priority of your careers field. After, all the discussion with my friends, one of my friend understood my point and suggested me a phone application named “Open talk” that can help me select the best school in Delhi.

Next day, I casually tried the Open talk app and found it very interactive, there I was associated with a lot more other students in a group with queries regarding study material and schooling in Delhi. It was a talk circle, named “Schooling in Delhi”. And there I put up the question,

“Which school is the best in Delhi and what is the criteria for admission?”

There I got many replies suggesting me the best of schools in Delhi. And when I shared my interest in Science stream and percentage of the previous year, an alumni of Delhi Public School, approached me with an offer of a scholarship. The opportunity was very captivating as Delhi Public School is a very reputed school and getting a scholarship is like icing on the cake.

On Open talk, I personally called Rahul, the Alumni of Delhi Public school and discussed the criteria and formalities with him. He was quite impressed with my skills and suggested me to fill an online form and a test. And luckily I got selected and cleared the test with flying colours. After 1 Week I got a call from Rahul saying, the opening of the new session is after two days. And I should be at school in uniform at sharp 8:30.

I just could not believe I got selected in one such big school. Open talk rescued me by giving me the opportunity to get to talk to the perfect guardian, Rahul. A big thanks to Open talk app for all the user-friendly features. This app can make you be friends with anyone, anywhere and you won’t ever feel alienated.