Alumni’s play a major role in our schooling life. As, they are experienced and have gone through what the current students are going through. Be it suffering the study pressure, board exams, school facilities or coping up with studies and peace of mind, Alumni’s can guide students like no other guardian can do.

I am a student of class 11th and a vice captain of my school. Being a vice caption I have had certain duties towards school and students, and one of them was checking the suggestion box that is filled by students and coordinating with the students accordingly, regarding the issues and suggestions.

A few months back, when I was following up all other duties, I checked the suggestion box and found many suggestion and issues regarding the study pressure and lack of experience to cop up with it. And when I thought of settling down a meeting with students, I found that the study pressure issue was majorly concerned with students who will be giving board exams in next 2 months, that is 10th and 12th grade students. The majority of students from 10th standard was concerned about the pattern of the question paper and was confused by the irrelevant suggestions  given by each person to appear in board exams.

Considering the situation of students and my duty, I thought of talking to the school management. And as discussed in the meeting, the mutual decision was to organize an event that would basically be a counseling sessions for students, and planned to invite the Alumni’s as they can completely relate to the situation of students and can share their tips and help them overcome the fear of boards and study pressure.

Though, the biggest challenge came in for me was to invite relevant Alumni’s for the event. Then, one of my fellow classmate introduced me to a very interactive app named, Open Talk. Open talk app is very user friendly and let you access people from the same interest as yours. Also, this app has an amazing feature that actually came to my rescue, it let me connect to the Alumni’s of my school pretty easily. I just tapped onto the explore button and marked my school name, and a “join circle” screen popped up. There, I filled a few questions according to the interest and the kind of Alumni I am searching for and submit it. Just after that, a talk circle was created in which I found Alumni’s from my school.

After coordinating and inviting the Alumni’s on Open talk app, they came to the event and gave their special tips and motivation to the students. The event was successful and the motif behind the event was achieved, as it helped the students a lot and they were satisfied with the accurate guidance.

I would whole heartedly thanks open talk for being the major factor that totally helped me complete my goal to make students stress free by finding relevant Alumni.