My Opentalk friend from India asked if I was single, so I told her I am married. She was curious to know more and asked me about my love story.  I told her how it was, at the beginning that my parents did not like him but I still was going out with him, and at the end, my parents gave up on trying to end my relationship.  Because I was more than 18 years old (Adult age in Colombia) and it was my decision.
Today, 4 years later I am married to the guy my parents did not want me to see at first, but when they gave him the benefit of the doubt and tried to know him, they fell in love with him. He was ambitious, hard-working, educated and charming but what impressed by parents most was his respect for them.
When I finished my story she was shocked and asked me ‘how can I do that to my parents?’ my answer to her was, “I do listen to them and of course, consider their advice. They are the people who love me the most so they won’t want me to fail in life, however, it is my life.”
“I have the right to live it the way I wish and be happy”  I mentioned her, I was shocked when she told me that in her culture even though you are more than 18 years old. or married you have to listen to your parents and do what they want you to do, and she is okay with that.
I started to think about it, and I realised how amazing the world is, there are people from everywhere with different backgrounds coming together and above their differences.  And as my mom still says we all are different from each other and we need to go out there and discover that world and Opentalk help us in doing that without leaving out personal space.