My first experience with Opentalk was outstanding. I was talking with Ahmed. We discussed for 20 minutes about a lot of things. Ahmed is a boy from El Cairo in Egypt. He was telling me lot of stuff about Arabic culture. He speaks perfect English. Also, he said to me that he is in university studying biology and his girlfriend is also researching in biology with him. And even he told me when he ends his studies he wants to come with his girlfriend to work in Europe.

He thinks in Europe he will have more opportunities in his career, I think he was very kind, and the conversation was pleasant. Also, we were talking about hobbies. He likes to dance and even he like cars and repair motors. I told him I was in Abu Dhabi last year and it was quick travel. He said me he was in Jordan to visit his family. And also he like nature, animals, music, and all the things related to his profession.

Also, Ahmed told me he wants to build a place like a sanctuary for birds. In Egypt, there are birds who are getting endangered. That’s why he wants to make sanctuary to protect birds.r. And I told him I think is a perfect idea. I’m also a lover of animals and nature. I told him I was in the Philippines and I visited the tarsier sanctuary. Tarsier is small kind of monkey also in danger of disappearing and very weak. That’s why I know is an excellent idea make this. Because the animals can live in absolute freedom and they are protected and care for the volunteers

Before Ahmed, I tried connecting with two other people on the app, but the call was over very soon. I think because of a bad connection. This was my first proper experience in Opentalk.

– Diego, Spain