Talking Stories

I am a final year student in English Honors. I am passionate about dancing and have learnt classical dance for over a decade now. We have a dance group as well which does performances across the country in prestigious events. I used to spend time on Opentalk to talk to new people over meaningful conversation.

This incident is about one such interesting discussion which might change the course of my career.

I got connected to a user who had a good number of talking points and levels. The user was from IIT Guwahati, and we got started talking about our interests and career. As the conversation progressed, I mentioned that since this is my final year in college, I am exploring opportunities for higher studies. That’s when the user informed me that there is a Masters course in the humanities department at IIT Guwahati which might be relevant for me. After the call, I casually researched on the course and it was perfect. And the best part was that it was a big brand such as IIT and right next to my hometown. I was ecstatic and applied for the program.

Opentalk, literally opened the world of possibilities for me as I had never expected such a career opportunities were coming through by talking to new people. Thanks, Opentalk!