I recently got connected to someone from Mumbai India, and I mentioned him how I’m looking for guidance to get an international internship and guy asked me to run and get a pen and paper and dropped these instructions.
  • Apply for a passport as soon as possible, if you don’t have one. It usually takes a lot of time and involves a lot of red tapes and bureaucratic hassle.
  • Carefully plan out the time for sending out your emails – both regarding the date of the year and time of the day. September through March is the period when offers are open. Moreover, emails sent on Fridays will likely be forgotten by Monday morning. You want to be the first to get noticed so think time-zone-wise. Mails received by the professor in the wee hours of the morning, on weekdays, will likely find themselves high up in the inbox, and this visibility might just increase your chances. Boomerang in Gmail can also be used to set a time for sending out your emails.
  • Most professors are very liberal about the financial situation. If they are satisfied with the work, they will most likely pay you a bonus. In general, even if the professor agrees to a partial funding, one should go ahead with it. Directly asking for more money at the onset itself can be detrimental. Once fixed, writing a polite email regarding accommodation et al. should be okay. Asking for more money is not a very good idea; rather, ask for travel tickets or accommodation in dorms at the university, since the initial expenditure is the cost of living there and the flight charges.
  • Your best resources are those who have done this before you and those you can speak with face to face. Talk with final year students, who’re heading for higher studies
Thanks to Opentalk, I came across nice people who help without asking for anything in return and want to spread knowledge and word to the world.