It was late at night and I was done with daily chores and all set to use Opentalk for next hour so. I was connected with a girl from Europe and while having conversation she mentioned a story to me

When I was about thirteen, my Mum and Dad invited round our previous neighbours from the block of flats we lived in until I was five years old. Anyway, I’d been sent to bed but could still hear everyone talking about this and that, until the woman neighbour said ‘Hey Digsy’s Mum, do you remember when Digsy used to complain that there was someone in his room? Well there’s a family that’s just moved in to the floor above who have a three year old son. He is complaining of the exact same things Digsy did.’

This creeped me out. I had no recollection of any of this, so the next day asked my Mum. Her first reaction was ‘You don’t remember?’ then she told me all about the weird stuff that used to happen, footsteps up and down the hall, shit going missing and stuff. She said the final thing to happen was when she was listening to a record one day, and it started to slow down, like someone was holding a finger gently on the platter till it finally came to a stop. My Mum said she snapped at this point, and started shouting ‘WILL YOU LEAVE US THE FUCK ALONE!’ As soon as she said this, the record went straight back to playing normally, and we never experienced anything again. I’ve never experienced anything like that since, and these days I’m quite sceptical of such stories, but I believe my Mum. Strangest thing is how I found out about it, from someone else ten years later experiencing something similar.

I was so scared and creeped out. I hung up on her. Later she sent me reconnect request and said she was joking.