I was talking over Opentalk and I mentioned my college being haunted and guy laughed and said

“My university was bisected by a big lake, with a bridge going across it with an island gazebo in the middle. One night I was walking down the side of the lake about to cross the bridge to go to a dorm on the other side. As I was walking down the sidewalk, I noticed some kid in a grey/white hoodie (with the hood up) walking across the section of the bridge on my side of the gazebo, towards my sidewalk. I didn’t think anything of him…until I walked by a big tree which blocked my line of sight for a second. When I got past the tree, I happened to glance back at the bridge…and there was no one there. He couldn’t have possibly walked off the bridge (he would have had to go right by me), and if he had turned around in the split second I couldn’t see him, he wouldn’t have had any time to get all the way back to the island, either. He was just GONE.

This gets creepier: about a year later, I was about to tell this story to my friend who had been abroad that semester. He’d never heard it, and before I even got to what I saw, he cut in with “Wait, did you see a guy in a hoodie disappear?” Yes- he had seen something just like this freshmen year. Fucking weird. I hated walking across that bridge alone from there on out”.