Studying in a Hindi medium school in Delhi, I never got the confidence to speak English and did not have much experience with English grammar or writing part. And this flaw has actually made me embarrassed in front of many people, many times. Especially, when I live in a city like Delhi, where nowadays people have made English language the epitome of being intelligent and because of this, I suffered a lot in my teenage.

I was never ashamed of what I am and what I do; I was a topper in my school and was a science student. Just after my school when I attend some counselling’s, I got to know that there is an even big opportunity in Canada to get admission in the top college for B.Tech. And to study abroad I need to pass the IELTS exam and it was the most difficult part of going abroad and following my dream.

IELTS means International English Language Testing System, here my knowledge for technicality was not going to be tested, here I had to clear an exam where I have to give English test.  And being a student of Hindi medium school, I was not extremely good at English, but I decided to not to give up on my dreams and give this exam a try.

The problem was that my English teacher was out of town and there was no one to teach me. I became very furious and thought that my wish to study in a big college will not be fulfilled. But, then one of my friend considering my situation told me about an app named as Open talk.

When I started using the Opentalk app I truly found it a revolutionary app in the digital world. This app lets you connect with random people with same interest as yours. You just have to fill up your interest and a call will be placed to a totally random person with the same interest. Also, there is one more brilliant feature that was actually my saviour, is that there is an option where you can connect with people who can help you improve English language. And yes, it was exactly what I needed.

On Opentalk I got connected to a totally random person named Surya who was a professor in IP University for English language. He was an enthusiast and loves to help people and he thought of helping people through Opentalk.

My IELTS exam was just 15 days ago and I was very nervous, but Surya gave me that confidence and started working on my grammar part. He then cleared basic doubts and told me to practice a sample paper daily. He used to teach for around 2 hours daily and made me all prepared for the exam.

Today, I have got IELTS results and I have passed the exam with flying colours. Now, I am going abroad for higher studies in next 1 month.  I can’t thank enough to Surya and to Opentalk that is actually a saviour for many people.