Belonging to a family of doctors and engineers, my whole school life was spent focusing on science stream. In the excitement of fulfilling my parent’s dreams, I never really focused on what I want to be and what I love to do. I was a bright student and easily got admission in one of the top engineering colleges of my city.

As some time passed and studies started, I saw my fellow mates sharing their passion for engineering and their future goals and talking about their inspirations. When I was asked what my passion and goal is, I was confused as the first thing that came to my mind was experimenting with food. Yes, it was quite funny for my mates as engineering and experiments with food have no connection at all.

That day I went home and had some serious thought over what I am actually doing to myself. Being a bright student I never really thought that being an engineer is not my cup of tea. That incident made me realize my passion.

Next day, I shared all the things buzzing in my mind with one of my friends. She gave me some piece of advice and introduced me to an app called “Opentalk” as she thought she is not the apt person to suggest anything to me, as it is a big decision of my life. She said, the Opentalk app lets you talk to people of same interest as yours, and it was the perfect way for me to talk to someone who is a food blogger or a chef because they can assist me better in deciding if this line is a good career option or not.

I thought of trying the application “Opentalk” suggested by my friend. As I started exploring the features, I was amazed to see the app. In the app, I joined a group circle named bloggers and started talking over there. In the group, many experienced, as well as budding bloggers, were having a conversation about the future of blogging and blogging as a profession. I got a pretty positive response from blogging as a profession. Then, I found a food blogger in the group and I approached him personally. His name was Karan and he was just as experimental with food as me. A few Opentalks later, we were sharing our common food interests. He also loved trying different sort of flavours to the food just like me. He inspired me to create a blog and start posting the picture of food that I have tried or cooked.

I did work on my blog with Karan’s assistance and showed my parents the good response I was getting from the readers.

After some days, I and Karan thought of collaborating for our blogs, but as we stay in different cities, we found an interesting way to collaborate through Opentalk where we shared the recipes with each other and cooked the food according to the recipes. We created new dishes together and posted it on our blog and it was a big hit and boost.

Now, I am a good food blogger and would thank Opentalk for giving me an opportunity to catch up with such like-minded people having the same interest as mine.