With an eminent history of ruling on top, Arsenal football club has a tremendous match theory. Right from Club’s formation in 1886, they have vouched for one of the most influential talents to round out its squad.

In the history, looking into the stats their success story can put anyone to shame. Portuguese football manager Jose Mourinho once quoted “Look at the way teams play against Arsenal. They don’t believe they can win. They don’t believe.”

Ever since Arsene Wenger has taken command over Arsenal as manager, it has reached its highest position. Wenger brought back the original Arsenal legacy which was once loved by every true Arsenal fan. Not just that Arsenal has given us some legendary talents like Tony Adams and Thierry Henry which no one can ever ignore.

It is impossible to explain the level of enthusiasm that an Arsenal fan has for them and I’m sure one of them. No matter how much Manchester Utd fans you witness, Arsenal has its own legacy which no one can ever match up for. They have retained their position unbeaten during their several glorious years.

I, Rohan Kapur, recently shifted to Mumbai for professional reasons. Being new in a city could sometime Welbeck play his county moves.

But the worst part is to enjoy your favourite match without your best friends and with someone who can match up with my passion for Arsenal. I went into boredom after a while and soon it was no longer fun. The feeling of isolation made me miserable and my work life started suffering soon.

I started using opentalk trusting on a friend’s word and met Devansh who is also a crazy Arsenal lover like me. We met on filling the same interest field and started interacting during matches. He was a resident of Mumbai and soon we became close friends. We hang out together, had great fun watching our haunt you as it takes a while to settle in with the aura. And lack of your loved ones is normal. I went through the same during my initial months. I was so fond of Football (because of Arsenal of course) that I used to took an early off from my office so as to prepare and comfort myself before I could enjoy Danny favourite team play. And the whole Arsenal fever on my mind was back again.

We decided to make an Arsenal fan club on opentalk and now we have over 50 Arsenal lovers with us on Opentalk.