Connecting back with one’s alma mater is always nostalgic and full of pride. But, it becomes difficult to take up such extracurricular activities in today’s fast-paced life. I was deeply interested in reconnecting with my college’s students and faculty and wanted to contribute to the betterment of my alma mater.

It is in this context, that I stumbled upon Opentalk app that makes you connect to student from your own university. On Opentalk I got connected to a few students of my college and with the help of one of the great feature of Opentalk app I made a talk circle to which I added the students. It was a pleasure to help the final year students prepare for their placement interviews. Given my engineering background, I connected with the engineering students and gave them some tangible action points based on my interaction with them.

The interview has two specific parts – one judging your technical skills and the other judging your soft skills.

Most of the engineering students lack in their soft skills so my first set of advice to them was:

  • Groom Yourself Well
  • Practice in front of the mirror to get direct feedback
  • Maintain a decent smile on your face while interviewing
  • Avoid repeating sentences
  • Maintain a good Body language
  • Be a good listener and answer confidently

The second area where I advised students was in preparing for the most frequently asked soft questions which give the candidate’s first impression to the interviewer and also sets the direction for the rest of the interview.

  1. Tell us something about yourself

When an interviewer asks you to tell something about yourself then you should not talk about your family history etc since those details are already on your resume. You should take this opportunity to tell them about your strengths which are not mentioned in the resume. This will help you guide your interview towards your comfort zone. Reply with confidence and maintain an eye contact with interviewer throughout the interview.

  1. Talk about your Hobbies, Project, and Achievements

This is your chance to prove that you are better than other candidates who are sitting outside the room. Tell him about the projects you did in college and your learning from the same. Elaborate on your hobbies as well and help the interviewer understand you as a person and your general interests.

  1. Things you want to accomplish in few years

It’s a knockdown version of “Why we should hire you”. Your goals for next few years help the interviewer understand your interest areas as well as your hunger to succeed. He would judge your potential and utility for the organization through this question.

Well, while explaining the questions and tricks to the students, I felt like why there were no facilities like Opentalk in my time. It felt so good to share my knowledge and experience with all of them. Opentalk became a medium that actually helped each student to connect with me according to their topic of interest.

During the interaction with the students, I got so nostalgic that I remembered my college days and shared my feelings with them. There were no apps like Opentalk at that time. We could not get any guidance from our alumni. But now the time has changed and so has the technology. The best part about the app is that the calls are free of cost and only the mobile data is used to make the call. Thus, it was pretty affordable for students to get in touch with me.

On Opentalk, I interacted with 8 students and could feel that I was able to add value to their preparations while I was having multiple interactions with them. I am generally very busy on weekdays, thus, I tried to take out 1-2 hours during the weekends for the scheduled time on the Opentalk app and helped the youngsters in creating a better life for themselves. I have received a call from all of them as they got placed during the campus placement and there is a special emotional connection with all of my students. Hopefully, the relationship would stay forever. Thanks to Opentalk for opening up the world of possibilities for me.