Every year, IPL just creates the most sensationalizing event for sports lover, specifically Cricket.
In a country like India, where people are obsessed with a game and worship some of the
legendary players like God, the thrill is never-ending. The repercussion of these games doesn’t
bore anyone and makes it the most popular sports event in India. With an investment of billions
and a platform for young talent, IPL has surely made its way into the Indian audience who loves
cricket way too much. But the glitch is that the love for this sport remains confided in India.
When I moved abroad for the very first time, I experienced a totally different perspective of
people living in a different country. Not just the traditions and languages are different, your
likings at a point never match up with them I rarely find a cricket lover there. Even in my own
Indian community people were least worried about a tournament who is widely celebrated in
India. They do have a thing for International Cricket, but IPL was never their cup of tea. After
tiring days of work, I stopped watching my favourite sport in a fear of being left alone. I was
binging on Netflix unnecessarily just for the sake of people accompanying me. I was trying to
make them happy.

Sadly, my recreation factor stoops at its lowest making me more advent towards mood swings.
You can call it homesick in your vocabulary, but for me, it was the lack of a person who must
share the same level of excitement as I do for IPL.

Randomly going through useless and new apps I stumbled upon Opentalk app for its interesting
aspect of being able to connect with a person who will match up to on the basis of your
hobbies. This aspect indeed sounded fairly appealing to me and I connected to one of my best
friend Rohan, who was coincidently living in the same country as I do.
Let me tell you that coincidentally Rohan was my long-lost friend from India and we grow up
together in Lucknow’s Civil lines area. He later moved away from Lucknow to Delhi and then to
abroad consequently to the same country in which I was living at the moment. He too was a
cricket fan like me and IPL too. It’s almost unbelievable how we connected on a random app
after so many years.

We met after having a brief conversation on Opentalk and our evenings are literally sorted
together after that. We enjoy our IPL matches accompanied by some nice drinks and a few
close friends and that has really boosted my overall productivity in life. I still use Opentalk on a
regular basis expecting to meet any more long-lost friend or totally a new one through this
amazing app.