Today I met someone of Filipino culture; This friend told me that Filipinas is a beautiful place and that the food over here is very marinated. He wants to know about Colombia especially, my hometown Barranquilla. He wanted to know about our culture and especially our carnival that is the cultural heritage of the humanity where people show the different indigenous dances and costumes of our region, such as cumbia maple, which is a black dance of Palenque but is very representative of our land.

we also talk about our typical food that is fried fish with coconut rice patacon fried and salad known as clown salad as it is a series of colorful vegetables and when you join you can see the colors of the beet that is purple, the carrot that is orange and the potato that is white, in the fish you can tell one in particular that they enjoy a lot here that is mojarra ..

The delighted one said to me that he wanted to visit our country and then he told me about the Philippines All of them speak English, and he wanted to learn Spanish. Also, wanted have more income because those who spoke other languages there were doing very well economically and he wanted to improve his salary. I liked interacting with another culture and with educated people.

That’s why I love this app because we have the opportunity to meet other countries just imagine what they tell us, I practically went on a trip today to the Philippines and other countries.

And person gave me much more for a desire to learn Spanish someday. We will have the opportunity to meet each other in person and know each country its people its culture and traditions and more in such a relaxed environment as is the Costenos at the time of the carnivals that is in February. I hope it has been off his total agarado all this that today I share with you since it seemed high to me to share my ideas and learnings with other people as well as you and my Filipino friend.