Android is the most widely used mobile operating system in the world. With over 1 billion users across the world. While the benefits offered by the services are not only known to but also availed by a plethora of its users, there are few hacks that not many people are aware of. Piqued by this, I decided to turn to conversations platform – Opentalk and connect with relevant people in order to learn more about the same. Without much ado, I connected with a developer from Jakarta, Indonesia. He introduced himself as an Android Developer, passionately working for the past six years.

I was acquainted with several lesser known Android applications that served amazing functions by countering major problems faced by Android users, lack of storage space being one of the foremost ones. Especially for music buffs who wish to listen to their playlists on phones rather than on PCs. Android developers have come up with an application called Gmote that allows users to directly stream music from PCs to their phones, thus solving the problem of shortage of storage space on the phones. Besides, music buffs can also turn to the Equalizer app from Google Play Store that further enhances the audio quality and loudness of music files played on the phone.

Further, he introduced to me the concept of rooting the phone with the help of root-only apps, and also told me about the benefits of diogn the same. He went on to tell me that rooting the phone opens up a whole new world of possibilities to the users, such as, gaining extra memory, making the phone run faster and more efficiently, especially at a time when several android apps are running simultaneously that demand plenty of computing power.

Additionally, I was told about a stellar hack that’ll come handy for gamers. By rooting the phone, it is possible to use an NES controller by attaching it to the phone, thereby, bringing back the charm of playing games on video game console ads. Gamebod and Ataroid are other apps that enable playing classic games on the Android smartphone.    

Another significant turn-off for any user is popping up of insignificant advertisements out of nowhere. Not many people are aware of the fact that this can be done away with once one has rooted the smartphone. One simply has got to install Adfree app which blocks ads from anywhere and everywhere from popping up.

One of the most remarkable hacks I learnt during the conversation was about Android Device Manager. This feature is nothing short of magic, comes into the picture when one unfortunately loses their phone. Android Device Manager also facilitates the authentic user to change the phone’s PIN in order to safeguard confidential information stored on it. It is also possible to erase all data from the phone for security purposes.

I wrapped up a 20-minute talk with the developer which was not only enriching but also enlightening in all respects. Opentalk paves the way for eager people to learn about anything and everything. It makes the job of learning all the more easier by virtue of voice conversations. It is a wonderful platform that serves to share and expand knowledge by bringing the ‘learner’ and the ‘mentor’ together. It is an unconventional and highly efficient way of learning.

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