Being a mass communication student I feel very happy to get to do various projects that I haven’t done before. Doing bachelors in mass communication leads me to a digital world where everything is new yet interesting for me.

I am a first-year student and it is only been 3 months that I have joined college and got to know there’s too much to learn here. There were many students who were already an expert at designing and editing. But as I hail from a small village in India had no experience with all the professional softwares like Photoshop, premiere pro, final cut pro etc. These softwares were just some fancy names to me that I heard after coming to college.

Recently, the professor in our college considered that most of the students are pretty familiar with Adobe Photoshop and gave us a project related to designing a logo for a website. And I who have never used Photoshop had to design a logo. I felt really dumb at that point of time and I was too embarrassed to ask for a help from fellow students as they all were very good related to the project work and I did not want to show myself any less from others.

Later, when I got back to home, I started surfing to gather information related to designing and to learn Adobe Photoshop tools. But it was pretty difficult to learn all the tools in so short time span of 2 days. Then, while surfing I saw a link to Open talk app. And I casually tried the app and found it very interactive; there I was associated with a lot more other budding designers in a group with queries regarding designing software. It was a talk circle, named “designers group” which was very easy to access because of interesting yet user-friendly features of Open talk. And there I put up the question,

I need to design a logo, Can anybody teach me basics of Adobe Photoshop?

And I got a lot of replies back explaining me the basics of Photoshop. And there was a guy who was from Canada and was very good at designing. He lived all alone in Canada and wanted a companion to talk to, so he reached me out and helped me explaining each step of designing a logo and tools thoroughly. He found a friend in me and I found a teacher.

Next day, professors and fellow classmates were very impressed with my work. And all credits goes to Open talk app that introduced me to a teacher and a very good friend.