I’m an introvert, and it is tough for me to connect with people without having a panic spree and to get over that I started using Opentalk. I got connected to a Canada based boy. He kept talking for some time, and I still was sweating and was running out of words and topics to talk about until and unless I heard that his cellphone’s ringtone is ‘Shake it Out’ by Florence which coincidently was my favorite song. I stammered and said, ‘I love your tone’ the guy laughed and mentioned his love for Florence and the machine. After that there was no turning back, we ended up talking about music for next few hours, and that’s how I made my first friend without anxiety.

Thanks to Opentalk, I use to think I was the only one with love for that band. It feels good to be connected to people from all across the world and be friends with them.