I have been using Opentalk for a while, I have always been a fan of talking, being the extrovert that I’m I enjoy meeting new people, and Alissa was no different from others. We met on ‘New Year Resolutions’ topic on Opentalk, and we talked about movies, I mentioned her how badly I want to start catching up with iconic films.

She mentioned being a film major from Barbados, and I couldn’t be happier, she discussed how difficult it is to make one film and how hard people work for one movie. She also asked me to start with watching Christopher Nolan and Woody Allen as they are iconic movie makers and have respect in the film society. She also mentioned how far people go for one shot like for a scene in Interstellar he bought 500 acres of field and grew corn on it for one shot.

We could have continued talking, but I had personal errands to run, and she had some commitments herself. Thanks to Opentalk, new beginnings to the new year.