Hailing from a primitive background who engrails the concept of surviving every other day can be challenging for those who have dreams larger than life. India, as a whole, is subdivided into two rational categories; the upper and the lower class. Both have their respective points of concern as one totally exists on expanding while the other on surviving. Unfortunately, my destiny chose the second side for me for which the dream is to meet their daily needs, education is a different aspect altogether.

I never gave up on my dreams and continued scrutinizing my flaws over complaining. Thankfully, my dedication never made me any shorter than the obstacles I faced. I started my journey through a minor municipal school in my area, in Lucknow. I somehow predetermined my faith in the power of education and knowledge prevailed over distractions. For further studies, I decided to put up in BHU, where despite my poor financial conditions I managed to reserve my seat.

All through my B.tech years, I developed intense awareness and knowledge about technology specifically, in IT sector. The rising energy was enthralling enough to captivate any young mindset who is witnessing the revolution in the world of Artificial Intelligence. I was lucky enough to gather fulfilling a set of knowledge via one of the most prestigious institutes in India. That was the time our IIT network introduced me to a revolutionary app for connectivity. My first encounter with Opentalk was for a testing purpose and soon I started liking the concept of meeting a new person and sharing the vast array of knowledge everytime on the section you want to. The app lets you explore as per your hobby and connects you with a right person which is a great way to gather knowledge from a person whom you have never met but has the right perspective on your queries.

Soon I was able to interact people who had a huge influence in the world of technology and suggested me to move abroad for further studies in none other than Columbia Business School which is one of the most renown names in the list of greatest institutes. At first, I was uncertain because of my poor financial conditions, but people whom I met on Opentalk were kind enough knowing my potential and started a fundraising plan for my further studies on Opentalk itself. I was fortunate enough to get such immense support and got admission in Columbia Business School. Opentalk literally changed my life and now I’m all set to use that immense bundle of knowledge in my country serving students like me.