I’ve been in the marine profession for three years now. It being my first job, I had a good deal of problems to deal with in the beginning. Be it physical or mental, it was hard for me to grapple with the newness of this profession. While staying away from home for months on end isn’t quite easy, I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to Opentalk by one of my fellow members.

Life as a navigator may get monotonous at times. Staying with the same set of fifteen odd people all day adds to the boredom. Few months back, during one of our lunch sessions, we were discussing about our lives back home. One of my team members gave a brilliant suggestion. He shared that he had been using Opentalk, an online platform for casual and interesting conversations for months now. Further, he recommended the same to us. He added that it’s a community of 250k people and is recognized worldwide. This facilitates conversations with people not only from within the country but also abroad. The range of a conversation isn’t defined. It may range from food interests, travelling suggestions, to personal issues like depression as well. My colleague added that there are a plethora of people out there, experts on various fields, and they guide and instruct you accordingly. It seemed like a good plan for the weekend. I installed the Opentalk and at once, got going.

Opentalk_Navigator's survival

There was a feature of ‘Talk Status’ that acted as a mediator to the fellow users. One could type in anything he wanted to talk about and others would get to be aware of the same. I wrote, “Ways to tackle boredom as a navigator”. With the help of ‘Voice Conversations’, I began conversing with a man from the UK. He had retired as a Marine Engineer after having worked for thirty three years. It was wonderful to speak to him as he seemed to understand every bit of what I shared. I went on to discuss about my homesickness too. I added that it had been three years and have still not been able to cope up with the issue. He assured that it wasn’t anything problematic, and discussed ways with me to keep in regular touch with my family. The conversation went on for a while and ended on a nice note. 

Since that day, I’ve been regularly using Opentalk. It has been a savior to me. From getting appropriate movie suggestions to learning a new skill online, I’ve never been let down by the platform. I remember once when I thought of sparing some time daily in order to learn something productive. I was suggested by a calligrapher from the USA to learn the art of calligraphy. He elucidated the benefits of the same, saying that it not only adds to the artistic ability but is also beneficial for mental health. He also suggested his own blog wherein he shared various tips from beginner’s to advanced level. I took up his suggestion and practiced that for a couple of weeks. It’s been an enriching experience.

I’d like to finally add that Opentalk has been a blessing to me. I’m sure that everyone, no matter of what age or profession can reap the benefits of it in some way. I shall be continuing my stint with Opentalk for the years to come. Moreover, I’d recommend more and more people for the same as conversing with people worldwide would help add a different dimension to their personality.