A great business starts with a great idea. And even if you have the idea, the task of getting it implemented is nothing less than building a duplicate earth altogether. And most of us don’t take that much pain in getting the right thing done even if we know it. The same stand for start-ups in India these days. On an average 400 startups starts every month in India and 98% of them fails to exercise their own mission or message.

The failure of startup these days is largely because of their own perspective about the product they want to deliver to the mass. Most of the startups have no idea about the basic audience and messaging they want to accompany along with their product. The success of any startup depends on minor details right from your basic product that one must be aware of. You have to cater the mass in order to leverage success for which in-depth research is the most crucial need.

Recently, I met one of my friend who launched a social media app through which you can earn. Imagine the positioning of such an app in the world of social media where most of us use most of our data on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram without getting anything in return. The app looks revolutionary to me and according to him, he was getting a lot of investment for this kind of project. He inaugurated an app launch event and invited Bollywood stars for this purpose. When out of curiosity, I asked him about his app, he introduced me to Opentalk app. He has been using this app for a few months now and he shared how he got this idea on Opentalk with a totally random person who is now a partner in his visionary project.

He explained to me how Opentalk introduces you to stranger people based on your interests, hobbies or knowledge area. You can connect and diversify your knowledge and ideas that are going to benefit you in the long run.

Inspired by his thoughts and Opentalk, I downloaded it instantly started interacting with people as per my interests and hobbies. I soon find a group of people who were running a business on auto spare parts like me. I always wanted to do something in this field and together we started a small venture together by selling these parts on an e-commerce website. We contacted top retailers to sell their products directly to us from where we made direct deals with consumers. My venture has been established as a huge successful business now and all credit goes to Opentalk.