I got connected to someone on Opentalk who was living off in London, and I mentioned him having a horrible international internship experience in Tokyo, and his story too was on same lines.
He mentioned. ‘I was a foreign exchange student in Cataluña, Spain. I was stuck up in the flat most of the time and most of the times we left the apartment was for my host brother to drink or smoke. My host brother and his friends refused to speak in Spanish and would always speak Catalan; additionally, my host brother and his friends kept berating me for cash because I’m apparently a wealthy American (I’m middle class at best). One time we were at a public pool and they kept pestering me for cash I decided I was going to walk the 5km home, I told my host brother I was leaving, and he thought I was joking. When I turned up at the flat an hour later, my host family and the program coordinator was furious at me, and I got lectured on how I should stay with my host family at all times.
Apparently, I can fly 3000 miles on my own, but can’t go outside. What a load of bollocks. If I go back, I’m staying in a hostel and not going through a program’.
Thanks to Opentalk for building a platform where students can connect to one another and share their stories and experiences.