Being a budding event organizer, I used to search for good projects that I can work on. It was my 4th month as an event organizer and I had managed to get 3 to 4 events, but they were all the small ones. And now I was looking forward to collaborating with a reputed company to organize a big event.

Last month, I got a call from one of the top social networking apps team of Nepal, who were planning to launch their fashion app in India as well. And the only thing that I have not done before, but they required was the presence of famous celebrities and influencers, as they wanted to promote their app on a big platform.

Organizing an event is what I am expert at, but I have had no connection with famous celebrities and influencers. I was quite tensed about the work as the app launch date was on the head.

The next day, I was talking to one of my friend, who was also an event organizer and I discussed the situation with him. After, listening to the entire situation, he suggested me to use Opentalk app. It is a revolutionary app in the digital world. This app lets you connect to random people with same interest as yours. You just have to fill up your interest and a call will be placed to a random person with the same interest. Also, there is one more brilliant feature that was actually my savior, is that there is an option where you can create a talk circle with the people you have connected before or you can join any talk circle that is already available on the application.

Then, immediately I downloaded the app and got the access to join a talk circle named “Delhi influencers”. There were tech, beauty and fashion influencers who were just apt for the fashion app launch. Then, I passed on a message, inviting the influencers and celebs for the app launch event and got a pretty positive response.

After 15 days, on the app launch event, all the influencers came and the heads of the app were very happy with the way event was organized and with the presence of celebrities and influencers. Opentalk surely came to my rescue to organize such a big event. Now, it is easier for me to connect with celebrities and influencers for events and promotions and all the credit goes to Opentalk.