Our latest update is live on Android and will be available on Apple in a couple of days. It is packed with new & exciting features to enable better search and connecting with higher level talkers.

Over the past couple of months, numerous users have provided us with feedback of all sorts and even suggestions of how we can improve Opentalk. We’ve listened and promised to include as many of these suggestions as new features in the upcoming update. This is us delivering on that promise. The new features in our latest update are enumerated below:

People Search Zone: We’ve introduced 4 unique categories in the People Search Zone that lets you choose exactly who you want to connect with according to the prefered subcategory within the main category. After you click on the subcategory within the main category,you will see a list of users. The Verified Talkers are featured on this list and it’ll cost you 5 credits to talk to them. They’ll also earn Karma Points for each call and they’ll stand a chance to rank in the Leaderboards (Ranking according to accumulated Karma Points). You can either ‘Send a request’ to connect (if they aren’t online) or ‘Talk Now’ (if they are online & available i.e. if you call them during the period they set as their Availability Slot).
The 4 main categories in the People Search Zone are:
Practice Language: This category lets you connect with users when you want to practice a particular language. Subcategories include ‘Practice English’, ‘Practice French’, ‘Practice German’…

Explore Places: This category let’s you connect with users from specific geographic locations. Subcategories include ‘Explore Europe’, ‘ Explore Brazil’, ’Explore Canada’…
Explore Study Options: This category lets you connect with students(present or alumni) from particular educational institutions. Subcategories include ‘Explore Engineering Colleges’, ‘ Explore European Colleges’, ’Explore New York University’…
General: This category lets you connect with users according to variou generic criteria. Subcategories include ‘From Asia’, ‘speaks Arabic’, ‘From Egypt speaks English’…

  1. Verified Talkers: It’s a badge that is awarded to users identified as great talkers on Opentalk. Being Verified, gives a user an opportunity to be recognized and rewarded for giving back to the Opentalk Community. He/She will feature in the People Search zone categories and is even eligible to earn Karma Points and view their subsequent ranking in the Opentalk Verified Talker Leaderboards.

  1. Availability Period: Verified Talkers can now specify the period during which they’re available to receive calls from users. We know that schedules often change at the drop of a hat, so this setting isn’t static and can be changed as often as the user needs to.

  1. Karma Points: These are Opentalk points awarded to Verified Talkers for giving back to the community in the form of sharing knowledge & information in the various People Search categories.

  1. Leaderboards: These are monthly leaderboards that are exclusively accessible to Verified Talkers. Your ranking on the leaderboard is solely dependent on the number of Karma Points earned as a Verified Talker. There are 4 main leaderboards for the month:
    a) Overall Leaderboard: To view your overall ranking for that month
    b) Language: To view your overall ranking for the People Search category, ‘Practice Language’
    c) Place: To view your overall ranking for the People Search category, ‘Explore Places’
    d) College: To view your overall ranking for the People Search category, ‘Explore Study Options’

Do try these features out and share your feedback. We hope these set of feature will significantly enhance your Opentalk experience.