Hack #1:

Don’t concentrate on understanding every word when you read something. Read it first to understand the general concept. Then, go back and concentrate on the specific words that you don’t understand.

Hack #2:

Build your vocabulary by learning prefixes and suffixes. These parts of speech change the meaning of root words.


Root word – happy

Root word + prefix – unhappy

Root word + suffix – happiest

Hack #3:

Create word lists of words you have learned. Practice using these words every day when you write and try to use them at least four times a day when you are speaking.

Hack #4:

Be sure to use the correct punctuation mark. Using the wrong punctuation can drastically change the meaning of your sentence.


As a statement: The dog was caught in the fence.

As a question: The dog was caught in the fence?

Hack #5:

Watch DVDs, instead of live television, to hear American English speakers. Reason: With a DVD you can replay dialog over and over.

Hack #6:

Be aware of the differences in American English versus British English…and then use the appropriate word. Sometimes the difference is just in the spelling. Sometimes the entire word is different.

Examples of American vs. British English:

Color vs. Colour

Football vs. Soccer

Flavor vs. Flavour

Honor vs. Honour

Hack #7:

Practice, practice, practice. The more you speak, the more comfortable you will become speaking English. Encourage people to correct your mistakes.

No one available to listen? Then, record your voice or practice in front of a mirror.

The goal is to speak English as much as possible so that you get used to hearing your own voice speaking English.